Personal Profile

Born in Tehran, Iran (1970), I’ve started my professional career, since 1990 and have worked in all painting styles. I’ve held multiple joint and solo local exhibitions as well as international. Having obtained permit to teach from Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Art, I’ve established academy of SAMA in 2005 and have been teaching and managing since then


۱۹۹۰-۱۹۹۴ Azad University, Iran, Bachelor of Arts

Solo Exhibitions

May 2015, Modern exhibition, Love Birds Cafe, Pasadena, USA

July 2014, Impressionism, exhibition, Art Collection Gallery, Tehran, Iran

July 2014, Realism and creative with cooper exhibition, Khaneh Honarmandan Gallery,Tehran, Iran

December 2008, Impressionism exhibition, National Museum of Damascus, Damascus, Syria

February 2007, Realism and impressionism exhibition, Marya Al Qanat Gallery, Dubai, UAE

June 2005, Realism and impressionism al Mastah Gallery, Doha, Qatar

October 2003, Realism exhibition, Nagsh-e-Jahan Gallery, Tehran, Iran

May 1999 Realism exhibition, Ramesh gallery, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Joint Exhibitions

May 2014, Ashes on Lovers, Nagsh-e-Jahan Gallary, Tehran, Iran

January 2004, nature, Nagsh-e-Jahan Gallery, Tehran, Iran

March 2003, nature, Nagsh-e-Jahan Gallery, Tehran, Iran

January 2002, nature and, portrait Kamal-ol-Molk Gallery, Tehran , Iran

Carun gallery 2017 in Canada B/C. , crawl festival 2017 in Canada,B/C

Bibliography, Javanan Magazine,may 2015, p. 66

“Ash Left on Lovers Gallery”, miras farhangi (cultural news paper), 7, May 2014,, “Iranian Marriage Culture Displayed in Tehran’s

Art Gallery”,,17,May 2015, Link

Indrani Mshra, “Mirroring Nature”, Panaroma Magazine , 1, February 2008, p. 18-19

Alrayah Newspaper, Cover, vol. 8805, 16, June 2006


Nagsh-e-Jahan gallery, Ace gallery, Love birds gallery, Kamalolmolk gallery, Art collection

gallery, Khaneh Honarmandan gallery, Syria museum, Al Ghasba gallery, Ramesh gallery,Al Mesrah gallery

 Work Experience

۲۰۰۱ – ۲۰۰۹ Teaching oil painting part time at master Rahim Navessi studio, Tehran

Iran/samaa art school as owner / neighborhood art studio in langely B.C/ EJS Art school in surrey B.C

۲۰۰۵-۲۰۱۵ Teaching oil painting and managing Sama studio, Tehran, Iran

Awards and Grants

۲۰۰۸ Appreciation Award from the Cultural Consulate of Islamic Republic of Iran in Syria

۲۰۰۶ Appreciation Award from the Cultural Consulate of Islamic Republic of Iran in Qatar

۲۰۰۵ Official Grants from Qatar Ministry of Education

۲۰۰۷ Official Grants from Sultan Bin Muhammed Al-Qasimi, king of UAE

Official Grants from minister of Islamic Guidance of Iranian

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